Why Give to NCA

Please join your esteemed colleagues who have made contributions to support the mission of NCA


 "I give to NCA because NCA champions freedom of expression for everyone, encourages communication education at all levels, and supports research that unravels the complex phenomenon known as human communication."  - Phil Backlund 

    Christina Beck

"I give to NCA because the Annual Fund constitutes a vital investment in our future as a discipline. Through our time, service, and scholarship, NCA members implicitly and collaboratively shape our community of scholars. We are all part of the association’s rich history and traditions by virtue of our involvement as members. Giving to the Annual Fund enables us to invest in NCA in still another important way. Through financial gifts to the Annual Fund, we enhance the association’s ability to develop important resources, foster professional development, and advance awareness of the communication discipline."  - Christina S. Beck, 2016 NCA President 


"I give to NCA because, as the largest professional academic communication organization in the world, it provides essential support to faculty and students to enhance their teaching, research, and service missions."  - Steven A. Beebe, 2013 NCA President 


"I give to NCA to strengthen its support and programs for the members."  - Carole Blair, 2015 NCA President 


"I give to NCA because, since 1978 (when I attended my first NCA conference, and, like many grad students, slept on the floor of a hotel room), it has provided  resources and opportunities that have proven to be invaluable in shaping my career as a scholar and teacher."  - John O. Greene  

    A Madlock Gatison

"I give to NCA as an investment in future scholars – it is about people, the next generation." - Annette Madlock Gatison  


 "I give to NCA because it has provided me with an intellectual home and a professional hearth – a place to live, to belong, and to learn – for well over half my life."  - Kristine Muñoz 


"I give to NCA because of what NCA has given to me: A place where I have been able to develop and hone my research and teaching skills, get involved in governance, and cultivate relationships with cool, interesting, and vibrant people." - Scott A. Myers 


"I give to NCA to help it promote communication studies to a wide and diverse range of audiences. Advancing the field is an investment in all of our futures."  - Thomas Nakayama  


"I give to NCA because of the important role it has played in my professional and personal life… As I reflect on my very long association with NCA, I realize how profoundly and positively this organization has influenced, propelled, and enhanced my career in Communication Studies. I am grateful for NCA and happy to help keep it strong for a new generation of colleagues."  - Bobby R. Patton  


 "I give to NCA because NCA is where my research and teaching have a home. My family and I take care of NCA the same way we take care of the home where we live: keeping it structurally sound, beautiful, efficient, and welcoming."  - Kathleen Glenister Roberts  


 "I give to NCA to support the work of my disciplinary colleagues as teachers, advocates, performers, and scholars."  - Ronald E. Shields 


"I give to NCA because it's work has been enormously successful in advancing the discipline, and effective in supporting current and future 'stewards' of the discipline." -Orlando L. Taylor, 1999 NCA President 


"I give to NCA because standing on the intellectual shoulders of our forebears allows us to reach greater heights."  - Kathleen J. Turner, 2014 NCA President 


 "I give to NCA because my academic home is critical to my professional growth."  - Richard West, 2012 NCA President