From anonymous texts or comments on a message board to the more recent trend of public shaming on social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter, online communication can result in devastating consequences for targets. In this section of NCA’s Anti-Bullying Digital Repository, we offer theoretically and empirically based research that describes cyberbullying problems and encourages awareness and activism. The relatively recent advent of the Internet and social media, coupled with its global yet interpersonal nature, affords a plethora of opportunities for impacting attitudes and actions, especially through the disturbing trend of cyberbullying. Communication scholars bring invaluable perspectives and research to conversations about this important issue.


Framing cyberbullying in US mainstream media (long version)  

Framing cyberbullying in US mainstream media (short version) 

Goodboy, A. K., & Martin, M. M. (2015). The personality profile of a cyberbully: Examining the Dark Triad. Computers in Human Behavior, 49, 1-4.