The National Communication Association was founded in 1914 as the National Association of Academic Teachers of Public Speaking and has evolved through the leadership of many visionary individuals. Today, the association has thousands of members from every state and all around the globe. Our members are educators, practitioners, and students of the Communication arts and sciences. See the links below to learn more about NCA’s history.

A Brief History of NCA  
NCA’s long and rich history reflects shifts in the priorities and interests of Communication scholars, researchers, and professionals. Read the highlights of NCA’s history. 

Past Presidents 
NCA has been led by the discipline’s finest teachers and scholars. Learn more about the association’s past presidents in this collection of biographies.

NCA Journal Editors 
Generations of scholars and teachers have edited the growing list of NCA journals.

Women's Leadership Project  
Learn from the women who have served as NCA president over the course of the association’s history.

Historical Publication Reading List
Learn more about the history of the Communication discipline and NCA from many historical publications.