How to Join the NCA Media Experts Database

NCA is always working to expand its database of members who are subject-matter experts in particular areas of study and are willing to speak with reporters. NCA uses this database to respond to interview requests and to actively pitch topical experts to reporters when warranted by the news of the day.

If you would like to join the NCA Media Experts Database, please complete the form below.  Experts in this database are free to express their own perspectives on issues by virtue of their subject-matter knowledge. Experts in this database do not speak on behalf of NCA. If you are called by a reporter, we ask that you please respond in a timely manner, as reporters are often under tight deadlines.   

You may request to be removed from the database at any time by sending an email to Please understand that members of the media may have already received your information.  For tracking purposes, we would greatly appreciate it if you could inform the NCA National Office of any media inquiries you receive by contacting

Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise. 

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