Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award

Wallace2Award was established by Mrs. Wallace and the family of the late distinguished rhetorical scholar, and is given to foster and promote philosophical, historical, or critical scholarship in rhetoric and public discourse. The award is presented to scholars who have completed the Ph.D. within the past 10 years or who are well advanced in doctoral studies in rhetoric and public address.  



2016 Erin J. Rand
2015 Robin E. Jensen
2014 Isaac West
2013      Karma R. Chávez
2012   Dave Tell
2011 Jeremy Engels
2010 Lisa B. Keranen
2009 Jeffrey Bennett
2008 Bradford Vivian
2007 Ekaterina V. Haskins
2006  James Kimble
2005 Alisse Portnoy
2004 James P. McDaniel
2003 Garth R. Pauley
2002 Kirt H. Wilson
2001 Susan Zaeske
  Charles E. Morris III
2000 Raka Shome
1999 Lisa Flores
1998 Dana Cloud
  John Sloop
1997 Mari Boor Tonn
1996 Mark L. McPhail
1995 Cindy L. Griffin
1994 Charles Alan Taylor
1993 Suzanne M. Daughton
1992 Kathryn M. Olson
1991 James M. Farrell
1990 Stephen H. Browne  
1989 Thomas M. Lessl
1988 Peter J. Marston
1987 Frederick J. Antczak
1986 Lester Olson
1985 John Poulakos
1984 Charles R. Conrad
1983 Raymond S. Rodgers
1982 Carol Jablonski
1981 Scott Jacobs
1980 Lois Einhorn
1979 Kurt W. Ritter
1978 Richard Cherwitz
1977 John H. Patton
1976 Richard Leo Enos