Career-Related Publications

NCA offers several publications designed to guide students in their career paths, and to help them succeed in their academic pursuits.

Getting the Most from Your Graduate Education in Communication: A Student’s Handbook  

More than 35 Communication scholars lend their insight and advice to this graduate school survival guide. Featuring chapters on finding the right program, completing your thesis, getting published, and finding your first job, this handbook is a must for anyone considering pursuing a graduate degree in Communication.

Why Study Communication? Pathways to Your Future 

This resource for prospective and new undergraduate Communication students provides a wealth of information about the Communication discipline; what Communication majors will know, understand, and be able to do after graduation; and career and study options for Communication graduates.  .

Professional Development During Your Doctoral Education   

This informal introduction to professional development is designed for doctoral students in Communication. Addressing several issues involved with career development, the booklet is a primer to graduate school and helps one prepare for conversations and questions with faculty throughout one’s graduate education.