Academic/Professional Statements Platform

This academic/professional statements platform contains the positions officially endorsed by the researchers, teachers, and practitioners allied as the National Communication Association related to issues that are vital to the professional endeavors of communication educators and scholars. The Association is committed to include within this document only positions: (1) upon which the organization and membership have engaged in ample and careful deliberation; (2) upon which a substantial consensus of supporting knowledge has been developed; (3) addressing issues which have attracted the concerted inquiry of an acknowledged segment of the discipline, and (4) central to the enhancement of the ability of communication educators/scholars to do their work effectively and/or to the enhancement of the stature of the discipline in the academy or more broadly.

High School Communication Education (Speaking, Listening & Media Literacy) as a Graduation Requirement (adopted November 2010; revised November 2012, supporting materials)  
A Code of Professional Ethics for the Communication Scholar/Teacher (adopted 1999)
Role of Communication Courses and Communication Faculty in General Education (adopted 1996; revised 2012, supporting materials)
Policy on Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination (approved 1995; revised 2012, supporting materials)
Statement on Diversity (approved 1995; revised 2012, supporting materials)


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