Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive an invoice to submit to my department before I send a check to join or renew? 

After logging into, simply proceed through the online renewal process. You will be prompted for payment at the end. Select “Pay with Check,” print the invoice screen, and send the printed invoice to NCA with your payment.

Does NCA still offer paper membership forms? 

NCA no longer offers paper applications for individual membership. NCA created an easy, step-by-step online process that saves members precious time. If you are unfamiliar with using the online join/renewal system, staff in the NCA Membership Department is available to help walk you through the process. If you are uncomfortable with submitting payment online, follow the renewal process and select “Pay with Check” at the end. Print your invoice and submit payment by mail.

How do I access the NCA journals online? 

All NCA members have online access to all current and archived issues of NCA's 11 journals. To access the journals, click on the login button at the top of NCA's website, and log in using your NCA member email and password. If you have forgotten your NCA password, simply click the Forgot your Password? link after clicking on the Login button. Once you have logged in, select the Read the Journals button under the Publications tab at the top of the page. That link will take you to the NCA Online Journals Platform hosted on Taylor & Francis Online.

I have purchased a print subscription to an NCA journal. When will I receive my [first] issue?  

All journals have unique publication dates throughout the year, so it’s possible that you could receive an issue within a couple weeks to a few months after purchasing your print subscription. Rest assured that your subscription entitles you to a full year’s worth of issues. If you feel that you missed a journal, please contact NCA’s Membership Department.

How can my Department join or renew with NCA? 

You can join or renew online — click here to do so.

I received an error when attempting to join or renew. What should I do? 

Close out of all browser windows, launch browser, login to and again proceed through the joining or renewal process. If you continue to receive errors, contact NCA’s Membership Department.

How can I update my mailing address or other contact information online? 

It’s simple. Visit and log-in. Finally, click “my profile” and enter your new information. Click “preferred address” to indicate where you would like to receive your journal and other NCA mailings.

Is my membership fee refundable? 

Membership may be cancelled within seven (7) days of receipt of payment. If you request a refund within seven (7) days of taking advantage of the member rate for the NCA Annual Convention, the refund will be applied to your non-member convention fee and an additional invoice will be sent to you for the remaining balance.

While reviewing my membership renewal order, I noticed that I have two memberships instead of one. How do I delete one of the memberships? 

Log out of your NCA account and log back in. Our system does not save incomplete membership renewals.

I’m interested in ordering a publication in your bookstore. Do I need to be a member of NCA to purchase any of these resources?  

You do not need to be a member, but you do need to create an account with NCA. Click the Join or Renew button on the top of the page. On the LEFT hand side under Individual Member Join, enter your email and click Join. Fill out the profile and save your information. Then, go to the Publications tab and click on the Bookstore, where you can order materials.

How long does a membership with NCA last? 

Regular and Student memberships last 365 days. For renewing members, your latest renewal will not begin until your previous membership year expires. You will not lose any days of membership if you renew early.

How do I add an interest group or caucus after I have already renewed my membership? 

Please contact the NCA Membership Department for assistance.

I didn’t receive the latest issue of Spectra. How do I obtain a copy?  

Please contact the NCA Membership Department for assistance.