The NCA-Wikipedia Initiative

NCA is calling on its members to support the association’s effort to deploy the power of Wikipedia to represent the Communication discipline as fully and as accurately as possible and thereby encourage excellence in Communication teaching and learning.

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The broad goals of the NCA Wikipedia Initiative (NCAWI) are to:  

  • Ensure that articles about Communication research and theory are accurate, up-to-date, complete and written in a style appropriate for the general public;
  • Ensure that articles are based on independent, reliable secondary sources;
  • Represent Communication scholar controversies and consensus fairly, writing articles in a neutral style;
  • Improve and review articles to Good Article and Featured Article quality; and
  • Assess communication-related articles and tag them appropriately when there are problems.

All NCA Members are encouraged to participate by adding new entries and enhancing existing ones with more complete and accurate information with references. This is an especially exciting initiative for teachers and students who can make updating or creating Wikipedia entries part of coursework. Learn how one professor incorporated NCA's Wikipedia Initiative into her class.  

Use Wikipedia for writing assignments in your classroom.
Your students will ensure Communication discipline entries are accurate and complete.

Such work can teach students:

  • that even the simplest ideas are hard to communicate to general audiences;
  • the importance of logic, strength of argument, flow and clarity of writing, and citations of the appropriate literature; and
  • the significance of accuracy in scholarly writing.

To get you started and guide you through the editing process, the NCAWI portal includes:

  • Tutorial materials introducing Wikipedia, the Wikipedia community, and the editing process;
  • Tools to match NCA members and students to appropriate volunteer opportunities in Wikipedia; and
  • Easy ways to connect contributors to fellow volunteers and to Wikipedia experts.

Follow two easy steps to join the NCA Wikipedia Initiative:

1. Create a Wikipedia account. (If you already have a Wikipedia account, you are ready for Step 2.)

2. Register with the NCA Wikipedia Initiative.  

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