In the Classroom

A Teaching and Learning Resource Center  

NCA members have a wealth of expertise regarding teaching and curriculum development. For more than 100 years, they not only have honored the importance of classroom work, but also have been leaders in teaching innovations. NCA’s In the Classroom seeks to draw on that experience by providing a virtual space where Communication teacher-scholars can develop their aspirations, goals, methods, and ideas for their work in the classroom and receive inspiration from colleagues.

Assign This 
A collection of classroom tested exercises ready to incorporate into your course 

Course Teaching Tips 
An interview series with resources for teaching typical Communication courses

Education Links 
An annotated list of helpful education-oriented websites

eTools: Using Technology in the Classroom
A monthly essay series designed to provide practice advice for Communication instructors on how to integrate technology in the classroom.

Other Resources for Teaching, Training, and Development
Best Practices for Communication Training and Development

Undergraduate Course Syllabi 
A collection of syllabi from various Communication courses

TRIP: Translating Research into Instructional Practice 
A monthly essay series designed to provide practical advice for Communication instructors based on current Instructional Communication research.