Research and Publishing Resource Center

Woolbert2Among the central missions of the National Communication Association (NCA) is the cultivation and generation of knowledge about communication and the dissemination of that knowledge. At the 1919 Annual Convention of the National Association of Academic Teachers of Public Speaking (the association that became NCA), Charles Woolbert (right) of the University of Illinois presented a report from the Committee on Research that concluded that research and scholarly inquiry were important activities, indeed, essential ones, for the scholars of public speaking who had only recently formed their own discipline. Moreover, the committee sought to demystify the research process, noting that the requirements of research are “in reality simple; the end involved is to learn the facts, to bring out the truth; the means of doing this can be as varied as differing circumstances demand; and they allow much latitude" (“Report of the Committee on Research,” Quarterly Journal of Speech Education 6 (1920): 59).  

The Research and Publishing Resource Center is an attempt to digest and synthesize the most compelling and relevant information available about conducting and publishing research in the communication arts and sciences.The Research and Publishing Resource Center includes the following: 

Research Preparation 

  • Planning the Research Project
  • Working with Institutional Review Boards 
  • Links to funding sources 

Publishing Your Results 

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