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A Communication Assessment Primer
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A Communication Assessment Primer is an excellent resource for any department that wants to improve student learning by developing effective assessment programs. This publication is designed to help communication departments create the right assessment program and ensure that their students are learning everything they need to know. Edited by Phil Backlund, Ph.D., and Gay Wakefield, Ph.D., each chapter is written by professors who have extensive interest in, and experience with, successful assessment programs.

Topics and authors covered in this book include:

  • Assessing Communication Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes, Phil Backlund, Timothy J. Detwiler, Pat Arneson, and Mary Ann Danielson
  • Assessment Expectations from the Regional Accreditation Commissions, Scott A. Chadwick
  • Assessment and Planning, Rebecca Wolfe and Gay Wakefield
  • Assessment and Learning, Diane S. Krider
  • Links Between Student-Learning Outcomes and Assessment Tools, Diane S. Krider and Timothy J. Detwiler
  • End-of-Major Assessment Procedures, Sherry Wien
  • Linking Assessment Results with Faculty Development, Scott A. Chadwick
  • Demystifying the Programmatic Review Process: Ensuring Quality Control Fostering Faculty Development, and Motivating Faculty, Dacia Charlesworth
  • Assessing Communication as Part of General Education, Ellen A. Hay and Michelle Epstein Garland
  • Student-Learning Outcome Assessment and Service-Learning in the Communication Classroom, Toni Whitfield and Donald Martin
  • Assessing Intercultural Communication: Models and Methods, Gerald W. Driskill, Sasha Arjannikova, and Tifany Schneider
  • Assessing Communication in P-12 Classrooms, Douglas K. Jennings
  • Assessment Resources on the Web, Tatyana Dumova and Ann Rosenthal

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