Historical Publication Reading List

Works on the History of Communication as a Discipline & NCA  

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Biographical/Autobiographical Articles about NCA Presidents--from The Review of Communication 

James L. Applegate, 2001
Maud May Babcock, 1936
V. William (Bill) Balthrop, 2002
Jane Blankenship, 1978
John Waite Bowers, 1984
Arthur Bochner, 2008
James W. Chesebro, 1996
Frank E.X. Dance, 1982
Isa N. Engleberg, 2004
Patti P. Gillespie, 1986 & 1987
Dennis S. Gouran, 1991
Elise Hahn, 1958
Magdalene Kramer, 1947
Beverly Whitaker Long, 1985
Raymie E. McKerrow, 2000
Marie Hochmuth Nichols, 1969
Judy C. Pearson, 2003
Henrietta Prentiss, 1932
Sharon Ratliffe, 1995
J. Michael Sproule, 2007
Anita Taylor, 1981
Judith S. Trent, 1997
David Zarefsky, 1993