Lilla A. Heston Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Interpretation and Performance Studies

Awards: Lila HestonThe Heston Award is given for outstanding published research and creative scholarship in interpretation and performance studies. The scholarship recognized by the award may be published in any NCA journal; in a major research or literary journal of another association or organization; in book or monograph form; or published in other than a print media, such as but not limited to live performance, film, videotape, photography, audiotape, and radio. The award is given to authors of scholarship published during the previous three-year period. The date of copyright of the published material will serve as the date of publication.

2016 Amber L. Johnson
2015 Joanne Gilbert
  Heidi M. Rose
2014 D. Soyini Madison
2013      Dustin Bradley Goltz
2012 Ragan Fox
2011 Bruce Henderson
  Harvey Young
2010 Mindy Fenske
2009 Bernadette Marie Calafell
2008 Michael Bowman
2007 Jacqueline Taylor
2006 M. Lane Bruner
2005 Shannon Jackson
2004 E. Patrick Johnson
2003 Kristin Langellier
2002 Lisa Merrill
2001 Paul Edwards
2000 Ronald J. Pelias
1999 Kirk W. Fuoss
1998 Della Pollock
1997 Judith A. Hamera
1996 Mary Frances HopKins
1995 Mary S. Strine
1994 No award given
1993 Elizabeth C. Fine
1992 Dwight Conquergood
1991 Beverly Whitaker Long
1990 Frank J. Galati