2015 Election Results

Congratulations to the following 2015 election winners who will serve our association, and thanks to all of the candidates who demonstrated a generous commitment to service by running for office.

Second Vice President 
Elected with a term beginning in January 2016   

Ronald L. Jackson II, University of Cincinnati

Legislative Assembly (At- Large Members) 
Elected to serve three-year terms beginning in January 2016 

Min Jiang, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Leslie Ramos Salazar, West Texas A&M University
Courtney N. Wright, University of Tennessee

Committee on Committees (At- Large Members) 
Elected to serve two-year terms beginning in January 2016 

Jennifer A. Theiss, Rutgers University
Tiffany R. Wang, University of Montevallo

Nominating Committee (At- Large Members)  
Elected to serve one-year terms beginning in September 2015 

Leah E. Bryant, DePaul University
Jeffrey T. Child, Kent State University
Angela M. Hosek, Ohio University
Alena Amato Ruggerio, Southern Oregon University